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Greetings, earthling!

Virginia Yapp is a seasoned writer, editor, and content specialist who greatly dislikes talking about herself in the third person (but is willing to do so when the situation calls for it).

She lives in Los Angeles — on the treacherous, rocky shores of San Pedro, to be more specific — with a diminutive French mastiff, a normal-sized human partner, and an excessive array of plants in various states of decomposition.

She's worked in-house for the likes of Apple, the Sundance Film Festival, and Who What Wear, bringing their respective brand voices to life via long-form storytelling, short videos, email newsletters, marketing campaigns, experiential copywriting, fundraising campaigns, and so much more.

And as a freelancer, she's written about Lifetime biopics for Variety's content studio, delved into the dwindling but historic diner scene here in Los Angeles for LAist, reviewed more movies than she can count for Crooked Marquee, and edited features for Domino and Saveur. 

Most days, you can find her on Letterboxd waxing nostalgic about criminally underseen ’70s TV movies, or in her kitchen working on her zine, The Celluloid Void, a compendium of original research on women film pioneers of cinema’s first century.

Talk to her about Charles Grodin’s sex appeal at your own risk.

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